31 December, 2009

"In some photographs the essence of light and space dominate;...

...in others, the substance of rock and wood, and the luminous insistence of growing things...It is my intention to present-through the medium of photography-intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to spectators..."

Ansel Adams

"evening light", germany, 2005

"A photographer's reality is...

...what he or she wants to show."
Fred Picker

"floatin' water", brasil, 2009

little creek
little creek part 2

28 December, 2009

"The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. ...

... You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt."

Henri Cartier-Bresson

"objections and suggestions 1+2", brasil, 2009

"The camera sees more than the eye,...

...so why not make use of it?"

Edward Weston

"to be under the knives (color + black'n'white)", brasil, 2009

25 December, 2009

An absurd idea - part 4!

At the other 3 projects I used a DSLR to shoot through an analog SLR.
But, of course, it exists a 4th possibilty. This is to shoot with a DSLR (Canon EOS Rebel XSi) through a digital compact camera w/ live view (Medion MD 40696).

First some Making-of pictures (taken with a Canon Powershot A200):

The shots through another camera:

The evolution of a photo:

The 1st step (w/ Medion MD 40696):

The 2nd step (w/ Canon EOS Rebel XSi):

The 3rd step (w/ Canon Powershot A200):

Yes I know, I need a nicer model;)

15 December, 2009

"A photograph is a subjective impression. ...

... It is what the photographer sees. No matter how hard we try to get into the skin, into the feeling of the subject or situation, however much we empathize, it is still what we see that comes out in the images, it is our reaction to the subject and in the end, the whole corpus of our work becomes a portrait of ourselves."

Marilyn Silverstone

"surprise", brasil, 2009

04 December, 2009

"The enemy of photography is the convention,...

...he fixed rules of 'how to do'. The salvation of photography comes from the experiment."


"to photograph sth. according to instinct", brasil, 2009

03 December, 2009

Making-of: with the pinhole in the forest.

Today I was with the Praktica F.X 3 and one of the pinhole-lenses in my little forest behind my house. Some days ago I put an Ilford FP4+ in the Praktica.

But before the pinhole pictures will come, I want to show some impressions of this session:

Double Exposure with a DSLR.

Do you think that a double exposure with a dslr is impossible?
Okay maybe, maybe not, but you can dupe every technology, even a digital camera.
You just need an obscured chamber or to put it simply, just turn off the light in your room! But before you do this, put your dslr on a tripod and set your camera for example at 20-30 seconds, aperture f16-22 and ISO 200. The next thing you need is a flash that you can trigger manually, for example a Metz Mecablitz 20BC6.
Okay the light is off, the camera is ready, the flash is in your hand.
But what is your motive, your scene?
At best you take a person, for example yourself and/or your girlfriend etc., because a moving motive is better.
For a double exposure you must fire the flash two times during the exposure period. For a multiple exposure certainly several times.
Here are five example pictures.
These pictures aren't photoshop sandwiches, they are digital double exposures!