28 June, 2016

in the woods.

I'm not the wildlife-animal-zoo-photograph, but some weeks ago I was in the Wildpark Pforzheim with my Praktica PLC3 and the Revue Automatic 4.5/240mm lens (a rebranded Enna München Tele-Ennalyt). The weather wasn't good, but I shot some animals on an AgfaPhoto APX 100 film with exposure times at 1/60 and 1/125 without a tripod at f-stop 4.5.

25 June, 2016


At my works Aufbauende Altbauten I fixed photomontages with baind-aids.
In this work now I also used baind-aids to fix a photomontage, but here the pictures aren't just from one building, but from two buildings. The lower parts are from the Rheinhafen-Dampfkraftwerk Karlsruhe and from the Heizkraftwerk West and the upper part is from the Fernmeldeturm Grünwettersbach.
With the works Aufbauende Altbauten I wanted to show the decay of the buildings in the urban space and now I wanted to show utility buildings like power plants and a radio tower, which are logically built for a special purpose, in a strange manner.
Therefore I made a transplantation and connected the two buildings. It was a cosmetic operation with wounds that have not yet healed and still need baind-aids. But it is a cosmetic operation in a negative sense, because this FrankensteinBuilding is the fallout of the modernization, it lost his raison d'être, it is becoming Junk-Space like Rem Koolhaas explained it.
Perhaps you are thinking, that this FrankensteinBuilding now has got two functions, but take a closer look at the photomontage, then you can see that it may not work. It is  purposeless, it is crossover.

The photomontage consists of 7 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Size: 31x41,5cm
The photomontage consists of 4 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Size: 20,5x32,5cm
The photomontage consists of 5 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Size: 25x22cm
The photomontage consists of 5 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Size: 31x23cm

I shot the pictures with my Mamiya 528TL on since 2007 expired Extrafilm 200.

08 June, 2016

Nikon and me.

I'm not a NikonBoy, I'm a CanonBoy and my girlfriend is a NikonGirl, but I've just got a Nikon TW Zoom for years and now I wanted a 1980s Nikon SLR.
First I found a F-301 at Ebay and bought it with a cheap Exakta 35-70mm lens, a Metz flash and a Hama strap.
But the shutter curtain is damaged, the lens has a little bit fungus and the Metz is totally ruined. But at least the strap is really cool.
Shortly after the purchase of the F-301 I bought a Mitsuki 2.8/135mm (probably a rebranded Tokina) lens also at Ebay. I just have a Nikon HS-4 lens hood, which fits well the Mitsuki.
But when it arrived I saw that it has slight fungus, too. Now I was very disappointed, a broken camera and two almost ruined lenses. Of course, fungus is not the end of a lens.
But I refused to give up and then I found, once more at Ebay, a F-501 body without the base plate and with a ruined battery attachment. No problem for me, because I could use these parts from the F-301, because both cameras a nearly identicals. I bought the F-501 with the beginning bid.
And then I had luck, the F-501 works!
F-301 and F-501

It was still a Kodak color film inside and I shot it with the Exakta 35-70mm to the end.

shot from the previous owner
shot from the previous owner
shot from the previous owner
Nikon and me
Nikon and me

04 June, 2016

Double Exposure with a SLR.

Some years ago I shot double and multiple exposures with a DSLR.
The technique is really simple. You just need a camera, a flash, a tripod, a person and a dark room. That's it.
Now I wanted to do it again, but with an analog camera. I used the Minolta SRT 101 with a Soligor S/M 3.9-4.8/28-70 mm Macro MC lens and a Fuji Neopan Acros 100 film. The flash I used was a Tron S400TCZ and the tripod was a Manfrotto. The person was my girlfriend and the room was somewhere in Cologne...
Now begins your imagination of surreal pictures. Take a look for example at the works of Francesca Woodman and Duane Michals.

01 June, 2016