30 December, 2017

The new palimpsests.

I made today after a long time two new palimpsests on old maps from a atlas from the former East Germany. The maps are from the southeastern part of South America and Iceland.
I used for the South American map a picture of the Girl with Contaflex series and for the map of Iceland a picture from the At the beach series.
"santa catarina no coração", germany, 2017
"bárdarbunga", germany, 2017

28 December, 2017

some instagram pictures... part 16.

Winter is coming.
Strawberry busses forever.
The morning sun.
It's snowing in Cologne.
It's snowing in Cologne.
It's snowing in Cologne.
It's snowing in Cologne.
Just for love letters.
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18 December, 2017

It was cold outside...part 3...

Many snow is very unusual in big cities like Cologne, but sometimes the magic happens. I thought nothing is better to photograph when it's snowing that a underwater camera like my Hanimex Amphibian.

12 December, 2017

A little bit of birds.

I used my Minolta Dynax 600si Classic with a Tokina SD 4.5-5.6/70-210mm AF lens and an expired Kodak Farbwelt 200 @ ISO 100 to shoot some pictures of swans and gulls.

26 November, 2017

some instagram pictures... part 15.

Día de los muertos.
Roda roda.
Crash your camera.
Liberty first.
Stairway to heaven.
Keep your weapons in the garage.
Kölle alaaf!
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22 November, 2017

The 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project. the outsiders. part 6.

This time I tried an Agfa HDC+200 film out of an Olympus AZ-200 Super Zoom. I bought the camera at a junk store in Cologne. I put the film in a Minolta 5000 AF with the Sigma Zoom AF 2.8-3.5/75-200mm. In November I shot some pictures from the Rhine at a foggy day, it was a wonderful day.
But after the development only some pictures from the first photographer were on the negatives. Perhaps the film was too old to save my pictures.
The pictures from the first photographer seem to be pictures by a thief. First he shot his cleaning material, then people in a hall and at the end jewellery at a table. I need Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery!

05 November, 2017

Crash your camera!!!

You know the situation when you want to take some pictures, but in this moment your camera doesn't work. My girlfriend had this moment at October, 25th as she wanted to take some photos of a graffiti wall with her Konica Z-up 110 Super. She became veryveryvery angry and crashed the camera at the wall.
I shot this massacre with the Yashica T4 D and a Kodak VR+200 film.
I never used the date feature at a camera, but I thought that this moment needed the proof function to document this crime!

Of course, we used a broken Konica to stage this massacre! ;)