25 July, 2009

" A good photograph is knowing...

...where to stand."

Ansel Adams

"véu de noiva", brasil, 2008

Don't use your car to get at your favorite nature photo locations! USE your bike!

"singletrail 1+2", brasil, 2008

"Chance is always there. We all use it. ...

... The difference is a poor photographer meets chance one out of a hundred times and a good photographer meets chance all the time."


we stood and drove as we saw that we were in a megacity",germany, 2005

"it was only the guilt of the rain-maker", germany, 2005

Both pictures were taken with an Agfamatic 2008 pocket sensor.

20 July, 2009

"Emotion or feeling is really the only thing...

...about pictures I find interesting. Beyond that it is just a trick."

Christopher Anderson

"the moment", germany, 2005

17 July, 2009

Invasão das Fotografias.

"Invasão das Fotografias" ("flood of pictures") is a concept for the Pretexto Exhibition.

At the Pretexto Exhibition I show the 3rd option of this concept.

My plan is to expose the 2nd option in a solo exhibition.

What I need:
- a camera: Porst Compact Reflex S
- a lens: Yashica Auto Yashinon DS-M 1.7/50mm without the glases
- a tripod: a cheap one
- some pictures: pictures of a giant wheel

The unknown camera.

I bought the Revue M35 motordrive on a flea market in Hannover, Germany in 2006.
It's a little fix-/autofocus-camera made in Japan with a built-in motordrive, a built-in flash and a 3.8/34mm-lens. I think the Revue M35 motordrive was built in the early 1980s.

The Revue works very good, but I've got a question:

Who built this camera?

Revue was only a brand of the german Foto-Quelle.
Foto-Quelle didn't build cameras, the firm only sold many cameras which were produced by real camera manufacturers, for example they sold the Zenit 3M as Revueflex.

EDIT 26.07.09:

Today I researched a little bit. I looked up the japanese camera firms which supplied Revue with cameras. The usual suspects are: Chinon, Cosina, Petri and Konica. But without result. Then I searched at Minolta and found the Minolta AF-DL. Okay the cameras aren't equal but almost. Perhaps the Revue M35 motordrive was the fore-runner of the Minolta AF-DL. I don't know, but it could be.

EDIT 15.10.2009:

Yesterday I found in an old brazilian photo-mag ("Fotoptica" Janeiro/Fevereiro 1986 No. 127)
an advertisement from Canon's Snappy 20 and 50.
The flash isn't similar, but the form around the lens is nearly the same like the Revue M35.
Ah the M35 is rearly a strange little camera!;)

EDIT 22.01.2010:
Today I found in a german photographica forum a thread about the unknown Revue. The guy, who have a black Revue M35, thinks that it is possibly a Chinon.

Pictures taken with the Revue M35:

"this is hell ...", germany, 2006

"... sorry to tell", germany, 2006

"dark opera", germany, 2006

16 July, 2009

My favorite book store.

This is the Book Center in Blumenau (Rua 7 de Setembro), Brasil. It's a big store with several corners.
Here you can find used and new books and magazines in english, spanish, french, german and of course in portuguese and other languages and Vinyls, CDs and DVDs.
I've bought here many books and magazines about art, photography and other topics.

Today I've bought the books:
- "Fotografia - universos & arrabaldes" by Luis Humberto for 5 Reais
- "Fotografia - arte e política" by Lúcio Flávio Giovanella for 3 Reais

The photography corner:

The art corner:

Today in Blumenau.

"the linked-up city 1+2", brasil, 2009

Vernissage: Pretexto Blumenau

Yesterday was the Vernissage of the Pretexto Exhibition in Blumenau.
Here're some impressions of it: