28 July, 2010

"Das Land ist still.

Die Menschen noch immer wie tot
Still. Das Land ist still. Noch"

Wolf Biermann

"ort unbekannt", germany, 2005

26 July, 2010

EXHIBITION: Foto Clube Santa Catarina em P&B

The Foto Clube Santa Catarina and the Núcleo de Ações Culturais
do Grupo Uniasselvi present the photo exhibition “Foto Clube Santa Catarina em P&B - Coleção bienal 2010”.

Altogether there are 87 b&w-photos of various topics.

Locations are:

Grupo UNIASSELVI/Fameblu (Campus II)
Hall do Teatro
Opening hours: 26.07. - 11.08.2010

Grupo UNIASSELVI/Fameblu (Campus I)
Opening hours: 03. - 16.09.2010

Opening hours: 15. - 28.10.2010

Opening hours: 23.11. - 07.12.2010

Admission free!

More infos:FCSC Blog

One of my photos at this exhibition is:
"einsame zweisamkeit", germany, 2005

21 July, 2010

"Noooo, people come up and start snapping away...

...with those damn mobile-phone cameras. They’re a nuisance. That’s not photography. There is no connection with the subject, no warmth."

"When I look at photos I see no eros or passion. It doesn’t matter if it is a picture of a city landscape, or a woman or Mt. Fuji. They are all surface, no penetration. The only photos I like to look at are my own, though it’s not modest to say so."
"I’m trying to catch the soul of the person I’m shooting. The soul is everything. That’s why all women are beautiful to me, no matter what they look like or how their bodies have aged."

Nobuyoshi Araki

"go or leave", brasil, 2010

20 July, 2010


Last sunday was very rainy and boring.
But I had an idea, let's make a picture frame!
OK, let's go!

What you need:

_ bamboo
_ card-board

_ saw
_ machete
_ pencil
_ water level
_ sandpaper
_ wood glue
_ brush
_ wood preservative or color varnish

It's very easy! I need more or less one hour and I'm not Tim Taylor:)

Of course the works with the saw and the machete are the most difficult and dangerous works at this! BE CAREFUL!

At the end you've got a wonderful self-made picture frame!

The card-board is 30x24cm large and with the bamboo panels on it, is place for a 17,5x12cm picture.
I put my picture "the moloch lives" into the frame, the contrast between the home-made natural frame and the picture of an industrial city is great:

14 July, 2010

"Two of the most frustrated trades...

...are dentists and photographers- dentists because they want to be doctors, and photographers because they want to be painters."

Pablo Picasso

"the unseen face 2", brasil, 2010

"the unseen face"

"Look, I'm not an intellectual...

...- I just take pictures."

Helmut Newton

"headless", brasil, 2010

12 July, 2010

09 July, 2010

the ESCAMBAU party 2010 part 4

Just a funny picture with me at the escambau party.
Yes, I'm the dude at the left side with the camera in the hand.

The photo was taken by Aline Assumpção!
Thanks Aline!