16 October, 2013

take me out...

Yesterday I found at the roadside a strange looking frame, which someone threw  in the garbage. I stopped and picked up the frame. 
But it's not only the frame, but also a hand colored photo of a young lady. 
Unfortunately, some insects, which like to eat wood, just destroyed the frame. Therefore I just kept the photo and the acrylic, which is convex. I hung the frame at a tree...yes, a little bit of land art ;)
 I still don't know what to do with the photo, but it has got some potential...

08 October, 2013

A circular wooden frame.

In the last days I made a new wooden frame out of a broken cooking pot coaster, which I bought many years ago in Ubud, Bali. It was a wonderful cooking pot coaster with carvings in the middle and at the outside with rattan, like this one here.

Unfortunately it broke in the middle and the carvings, too. Therefore I removed the rattan, which can be used to make a dreamcatcher, and the rest of the carvings. After this I glued both wooden parts together and then sanded down the wood and brushed it was waste oil.

I put a palimpsest, which combines with the circular frame, into it:

04 October, 2013

Once more some of my works are in the PI² magazine!!!

Two palimpsests of the "the bureaucracy palimpsests" are in the PI² (Politicamente Incorreto Ao Quadrado) - Edição 6!!!
PI² is a Brazilian online art magazine, here the blog and here the facebook site
You can watch and download the edition here and here. My works are on the pages 58 and 59.

texto sobre a serie "the bureaucracy palimpsests" ("os palimpsestos da burocracia"):

ser humano está preso no sistema. Sem saída ele está interligado na rede da burocracia. Sem proteção, completamente nu, ele não pode se defender.
le perde qualquer sentimento e pensamento e talvez até mesmo a esperança.
Ele precisa acordar, se
libertar e fugir... mas ele conseguirá???