28 February, 2012

system control. a concept.

At the beginning the "system control" concept was an idea for a palimpsest. But the print wasn't well, because the original paper, a circuit diagram for a hi-fi equipment, is in the DIN A3 size and so I printed first the left side and then the right side of the paper as DIN A4, but this was a bad idea.
Finally I decided to make a simple sandwich with the circuit diagram-paper and the pictures:

First version of the first picture:

second version of the first picture:

second picture:

third picture:

After this I made a photoshop montage with the pictures in two 40x50cm frames:

11 February, 2012

The assembly of the Fole Arte Exhibition.

Yesterday was the assembly and the vernissage of the Fole Arte exhibition.

It was a cool and smooth vernissage with live music, experimental movies, my pictures, many funky folk and good talks! Therefore a cool evening! I wanted to shoot some analoge photos of the vernissage, but I think I shot only ten pictures...

But of course before this was the assembly ;)

At home:

At the Fole Studio:

09 February, 2012

Amtliche Vermerke.

For this palimpsest I've used the old identity card out of the 1960s of my grand-grand father:

Here the sandwich version:

And here the scan from the print:
"Amtliche Vermerke" with the picture "come my girl #1"

08 February, 2012

The Palimpsest-Error-Files!

The best way to bring something to perfection is the trial-and-error method.
And of course to make a good photographic palimpsest isn't such easy as it seems.

Today I show two palimpsests which are trash.
At the first I chose the wrong picture, because you can't recognize what it shows. In this case it's a statue:
"horror", brasil, 2012

Here the picture:

And at the second palimpsest something was wrong with the paper or the printer:
"pago", brasil, 2012

The picture:

More pictures of these statues here!

04 February, 2012

battle the industry!

Today a simple palimpsest, which everybody can do at home!
Everyone has got at home forms, user manuals and other paper what lies around without utility.
I've used a warranty card in Portuguese from any machine.

I've printed the picture "iron fist #1" on the warranty card. I shot this picture in 2005 at the Südfriedhof near The Monument to the Battle of the Nations (German: Völkerschlachtdenkmal) in Leipzig, Germany. The picture shows the statue of the Memorial for the Victims of Fascism (German: Denkmal für die Opfer des Faschismus).

Here the sandwich version:

And here the scan from the print:
"descrição dos problemas apresentados" with the picture "iron fist #1"

In 2006 I made a photo montage with the picture "iron fist #1" and a picture which I shot at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Germany in 2004:

"kampf der industrie", germany, 2006

An old and broken frame.

Two years ago I found a broken frame in the botanic garden in Timbó, near the barbecue area. Perhaps some folk used it to kindle the fire. I don't know, but I took the remains along.
I put them in the tool shed and forgot the frame for a long time. But yesterday as I tidied up the shed I found the pieces and decided to repair the frame.
Here we go!
I needed to cut the parts a little bit, but now I've got a wonderful panoramic frame in the size (picture size) 39x11 cm.
Yes, the size is a little bit unusual :)

Now I have to finish my DIY panoramic camera ;)

03 February, 2012

The preparations for the Fole Arte exhibition.

An exhibition signifies a lot of work before the vernissage happens. For the organizer means this to promote and, of course, to organize the exhibition. A part of this is to write to the media, like news papers, therewith they publish a report. Yesterday, 02.02.2012, was a report about the exhibition in the Jornal de Santa Catarina (see the multimedia part) in the rubric "Lazer".
But the journalist made two mistakes. First the exhibition won't be in Itajaí, but in Blumenau. The second mistake is, that the credit of my picture got another person. But of course, it is my picture. I have got the copyright for this picture, because I shot it!

But okay, as artist I've got many things to do for the exhibition, like to choose the pictures I'll show, then to go to a laboratory that they print the pictures, then to choose the frames.
Some days ago I was at MADESP in Benedito Novo. The company is a lumbermill and has got a large factory for wooden frames. I had the pleasure to choose between hundreds of frames, it was great. I chose wooden frame strips in the used look. I think this style harmonises very good with the pictures I'll show!

After this I was with the wooden frame strips and the pictures at a glasser, who also makes frames.
And here they are:

I love these frames! :)