31 August, 2016

the wall dance.

The wall dance is in the tradition of the optical illusion montages (1,2,3 and b&w), but also of the photomontage "Santa Catarina 2010".
The title of the wall dance is "Nordrhein Westfalen 2016", because I shot the pictures in Cologne which is in the state of Nordrhein Westfalen in the year 2016 and the work "Santa Catarina 2010" is also called on the basis of the location and year of the used pictures. Both montages are inspired by the artwork "Illinois, 1979" by Kenneth Josephson.
The pictures were shot with the Petri GX-1 and a Petri 2/50mm lens on expired Foto Knudsen 200 and Foto Schrøder 200 films.
The photomontage consists of 22 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Total size: 11x177cm.

30 August, 2016

this way - wrong way. part3.

In the third part the pictures are taken once more with the Carena 100 SX and the Compact Auto Zoom S 4.0-5.6/70-210mm MC lens and now with the Rowi Orange filter. The film was once more an expired Fuji made DM 200.

29 August, 2016

this way - wrong way. part2.

For the second part I used the Petri GX-1, which is like the Carena 100 SX a Cosina made Kmount camera, in this case a Cosina CT-1A, with a Petri 2/50mm lens and the film was a brand new AgfaPhoto CT Precisa 100, which is a rebranded Fuji slide film and not a real Agfa film like the Agfachrome CTx100, which I used at the last time. I let once more cross the slide film and the cross effect is here green and not purple like at the Agfachrome CTx100.

28 August, 2016

this way - wrong way. part1.

My girlfriend and I have got a new project with two arrow signs where is written "this way" and on the other "wrong way".
In the first part the pictures are taken with a Carena 100 SX, which is a Cosina C1 variant, with the Compact Auto Zoom S 4.0-5.6/70-210mm MC lens, the Super Carenar 3.5-4.8/35-70mm lens and the Rowi Spot Green filter. The film was an expired Fuji made DM 200.

27 August, 2016

Kodak, I found you... - part 2

In the first part I wanted to test the super expired Kodak instant film and I thought that the other two films would react in the same way. But the other two films didn't performed like the first one. Many of the pictures turned simply white or black. Two pictures first became good, but turned black quickly.
It was a lottery and okay it was a great fun to experiment with such old instant film.
I made some making-of pictures with an Olympus [mju:] zoom on an expired Fuji Superia 200 film.

05 August, 2016

Kodak, I found you...

In August last year I found a Kodak EK 8 instant camera at the ZKM during the KAMUNA. Of course I thought that I woud never use this camera, because Kodak broke up with the instant photography many years ago.
But some days ago I found at Ebay two double packs Kodak PR 10 instant films, one double pack original packing and one double pack with just one film, but also original packed. Therefore three films with each 10 sheets. The films are expired since August 1982!!!!! Yes, they're expired for 34 years!!!! I paid 5 Euro + 3,89 Euro for postage. A fair deal for an experiment, but I had no great expectations.
But after I used the Fuji Instax Wide and the Polaroid SX-70 with an Impossible Project film this year, I also wanted to shoot with the Kodak instant system.
The first two sheets of the first film didn't work, but the third...yes!!!! I continued, some sheets didn't work, but some became very good, but dark, very dark. But the quality is still better than the Impossible Project films.
The first picture
The third picture
The fourth picture
The sixth picture
The eighth picture
The tenth picture

just an optical illusion in black&white.

After the photomontages in color comes now a photomontage in black&white. The photos were shot with the Nikon F-501 and the Exakta 35-70 lens on a since 2010 expired AgfaPhoto APX100.
The photomontage consists of 8 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Total size: 25x40,5cm.

I also shot with the same camera and the same film, but with the Makinon MC 4.5/80-200mm lens following pictures.
The exposure times were a little bit too slow for the lens, but I wanted this blurry effect for these pictures.

02 August, 2016

Everything is Certo!

In Portuguese certo means right, sure or certain, but Certo was also an East German camera brand which made some simple, but good cameras.
Some months ago I found at Ebay a wonderful Certofix for a marvelous price. It is a folding 6x9 camera out of the 1930s, but it looks like new.
Also at Ebay I bought an ultra expired Orwo NP20, an expired Agfapan 100 and a new Fomapan 400.

First I just shot the Agfapan 100 and here are the results, which are a little bit blurry...

Tá tudo certo! Everything is alright!