19 December, 2010

A Zenit made in Brazil?! part 2!

In part 1 I wrote about the Zenit 12XSL. Now I want to show the clone of this one, the Zenit 12 PRO. Like you can see on the zenitcamera site, the Zenit 12 PRO isn't a Zenit made by KMZ. But as you can see on the page sovietcams.com it's a BELOMO: "Modern Zenits from Belarus"[...]"PB4685. Camera identical to PB4680 [Zenit 21XS], but under name "Zenit 12pro" already. At least 19973 units were released in 1996-1997. Quite rare to find nowadays." (source here).
My 12 PRO is like the 12XSL "made" by BMA in Brazil. The story about the Zenits made in Brazil you can read in part 1.

The only differences among the both cameras are:
_ the Zenit logo on the 12XSL is in green and on the 12 PRO it is in white
_ the button for the self-timer on the 12XSL is yellow and on the 12 PRO it is white
_ the scale for the exposure times are a little bit different by the cameras
_ both have got the same lenses but the rings are different

And my 12XSL doesn't works, but my 12 PRO is working! The only damage at the 12 PRO is the broken pc-socket, but this doesn't matter.

EDIT 06.04.2012: Camerapedia used these information! :)

I'll use the 12 PRO for street photography, therefore I've modified the camera a little bit. I taped the white writings and the self-timer button and made a hand grip for it like the one I built for the Praktica LTL3. The strap is from my Meikai and the pad is from my Ricoh TLS 401. I replaced the original lens for the Porst 2.8/55mm lens, which is a good and simple one.

Now the Zenit 12 PRO has got the Mind Jacker reporting name "Black Bone"!

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