25 February, 2010

"When you photograph people in colour ...

...you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!"

Ted Grant

"just a walking girl mk1/mk2/mk3", brasil, 2010

24 February, 2010

17 February, 2010

"I want to question the images that are in our memory. ...

...There is always a double level in my work; what you see is true and at the same time not true."

Carl De Keyzer

"slow silence reloaded", brasil, 2010

Link at collageart.org‏ !

Today I've got a mail from Jonathan Talbot who is the man behind collageart.org, that he linked my blog!

He has written about me: "Fabricio Schmidt calls himself a photo artist. His repertoire includes a considerable amount of collage. His works make it clear that photocollage is not necessarily photomontage."

Ohohohohohoh I'm extraordinarily lucky and happy!!! THANKS!

The page is a magnificent treasure chest of collage art!

Take a good look at collageart.org and enjoy it!

15 February, 2010


Today I've digitalized the school class photo of my german great grandmother.
She was born in 1900 in Ohligs, which is today a borough of Solingen.
Because of the date of birth I think that the picture is more or less from 1910.
But I don't know which of the kids is my great grandmother:(

I love the border around the picture! Oh, this is pure unadulterated kitsch:))

10 February, 2010

08 February, 2010

05 February, 2010

"Photography is still instinctual,...

...but I am more disciplined now. I am trying to make every frame count, just as in Tai Chi every breath counts."

Chien-Chi Chang

"shadow play", germany, 2005


I'm living in a region with a vivid art movement.

In march will come an event with photography, drawing and contemporary art workshops, dicussion forums, an exhibition and a presentation about european off spaces.

And this presentation about european off spaces will be presented by me;)

You find more information and the time table at this site.

"linden love", germany, 2005

02 February, 2010

the last and the lost words

Now you can download my book with my poems and my pictures as pdf-file (5.5MB)!
I'm sorry, but my poems are in german;)

Here is the link!

01 February, 2010

Arte ao Ar Livre.

Today I got a mail from the Centro de Memória of the Casa do Poeta Lindolf Bell in Timbó, SC, Brasil, that my participation at the event Arte ao Ar Livre (August 21, 2010) is confirmed.

I'll show some of my pictures under the title "Ladrão de razão - Fotos da alma" - "Mind Jacker - Photos of the soul".

More details will comin' soon!

"fast soul", brasil, 2009/2010