27 February, 2011

"Wherever there is light,...

...one can photograph."

Alfred Stieglitz

"transformation", brasil, 2011


Once more a self-made picture frame.
This one I've built out of bites of a plastic skirting board, a bamboo small board, some bolts and nuts and a strap.

I've put the picture "fast soul" in it:

24 February, 2011


Bullauge is German and means in English bull's eye resp. porthole.

When I tidied up my tool shed I found an old, big flashlight with a broken rechargeable battery.
Quickly I had the idea to use the glass and the plastic frame. I dismantled the parts and searched in my wood shed for a good piece of wood which should be the background.
I sawed the wood and drilled in the plastic frame and the wood holes for the screws.

Today I put the picture "old rose" in the BULLAUGEN PICTURE FRAME:

16 February, 2011

"Photography is a means...

...of recording forever the things one sees for a moment."

Aaron Sussman

"schaukelpartie", brasil, 2011

14 February, 2011

"Não desças os degraus do sonho...

...Para não despertar os monstros.
Não subas aos sótãos - onde
Os deuses, por trás das suas máscaras,
Ocultam o próprio enigma.
Não desças, não subas, fica.
O mistério está é na tua vida!
E é um sonho louco este nosso mundo..."

Mário Quintana - "Os degraus"

"os degraus", brasil, 2010

07 February, 2011

...COM LOLA!!!

You want to spice up your camera equipment and/or you are a fan of analog cameras, but you really want something special?!
Let me give you a word of advice.

In Rio de Janeiro is a little but precious brand by the name of ...com Lola.

...com Lola makes wonderful products like straps, bags, brooches and scribbling pads.
The motifs are classic analog cameras like the Olympus Trip 35, the Diana, Polaroids, Instamatics, SLRs, TLRs...
The fabrics have got a prime quality and wonderful designs.
Extraordinary is the love for detail, for example the camera-pendant at the straps and at some little bags. Even the packing is full of passion.

I've bought some products there and I'm very happy!


05 February, 2011

"If a photographer cares about the people...

...before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument."

Eve Arnold

"together", germany, 2005

03 February, 2011