28 October, 2017

some instagram pictures... part 14.

Waiting for the fever.
Stay alive.
New one.
It will be there.
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27 October, 2017

my favorite benches. part 1.

My favorite benches is a new series about benches, where I like to sit and think and dream and so on.
The first five benches are in Karlsruhe, where I lived some time and the other two benches are in Cologne, where I'm living. 
I used my Minolta Dynax 600si Classic with a Minolta AF 4-5.6/35-80mm Power Zoom. The film was a Fuji Superia 200.

15 October, 2017

Waiting for the fever.

The following pictures are inspired by the song No Wow from The Kills and by the movie The Matrix.
The photos are shot with a Sigma SA-300N with the Sigma UC Zoom 3.5-4.5/28-70mm on an expired Kodak Farbwelt 400 film.