23 September, 2011

The ZEN Camera!

I bought this TOMA M-800 from a female Chinese fellow student when I studied landscape architecture at the University of Hannover, Germany.
It's a simple point'n'shoot camera out of plastic with a simple glass lens. Colorably the lens is made in Japan, but the whole camera looks and feels like a real Chinese camera.
But the special thing of this camera is that she is ZEN motorized.
Does that mean that the camera has got a motor (winder) that meditates when it transports the film? The motor or the camera itself meditates about the picture?
Yes, that's very strange ;)
Of course I searched in the internet, but there is nothing about the Toma. The only thing I've found is about a Toma M-616 and about a M-618.
This statement is very good: "La production TOMA ne me semble pas pléthorique, cette marque est voire même confidentielle."

I didn't use the camera often, just 3 times. But I tried to meditate when I shot pictures with the Toma.

"wirrwarr 2", germany, 2005

"between waters 2", brasil, 2007


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