17 April, 2016

the presence is just a word, but i've photographed it.

I like to combine two things that I love, for example to photograph my girlfriend. But if she is currently unavailable, I like to go out with my mountain bike and make pictures of the landscape.
Also I like vintage mountain bikes and vintage cameras.
It is now spring in Germany and everything is blooming in wonderful green tones. But some days before this I went out with my 1990s Raleigh mountain bike and my 1970s Porst reflex TL in combination with the Porst 2.8/55mm lens and an expired Kodak Farbwelt 200 film.
Behind the forest is a plateau with fields and old trees. I liked the simplicity and sparseness of this scenario and made some pictures.

15 April, 2016

the macro effect: the monster macro setup.

Today I want to show a really monster macro setup with extension tubes and the Hama Macro Lens +10.
First I used the Panagor extension tube set (11mm, 18mm + 36mm) in combination with the Porst 2.8/55mm lens at the Porst reflex TL. It's a typical heavy and simple, but cool 1970s SLR made by Cosina. I bought it very cheap at Ebay.

The performance of the extension tubes are very good, but I wanted a little bit more, therefore I attached Hama Macro Lens +10 to the setup. The enlarging factor is really hot!

02 April, 2016

My PRAKTIsche CAmera collection.

The KW beauties
Here is my Praktica collection! At this moment I have got eleven of them from seven different series:
Praktiflex FX
Praktica F.X3 blue
Praktica IV 
Praktica nova 1st modification (Praktica nova series)
Porst FX4 (Praktica PL nova I series)
Praktica super TL (Praktica PL nova I series)
Porst CX4 (Praktica L series - 1st generation)
Praktica LTL3 black speed (Praktica L series - 2nd generation)
Praktica PLC3 (Praktica L series - 3rd generation)
Revue ML (Praktica L series - 4th generation)
Praktica BMS (Praktica B-System - cameras with manual speed shutter control)

PLC3 and nova

The early models (FX, F.X3 and IV) were still built by KW and then from the nova models by Pentacon.
Therefore I consider the Pentacon FB and the KW Pentona to this collection, too.
BMS and Pentacon FB
advertising from West German fotoMagazin 08/1971 magazine
advertising from West German Colorfoto 11/1976 magazine
advertising from Brazilian Iris Foto 10/1982 magazine

I like a lot to photograph with the Prakticas, because they're simple, but have a very good quality.
Here come some of my favorite pictures, which I shot with Prakticas:
"einsame zweisamkeit", germany, 2005: shot with the Porst FX4
"emancipate yourself from mental slavery", brasil, 2010: shot with the LTL3
"a flor desfocada #3", brasil, 2011: shot with the Porst FX4
"guevara", germany, 2015: shot with the Revue ML
"der kran #3", germany, 2015: shot with the Porst CX4
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