28 April, 2012

Uma lente quebrada funciona!

My article about broken lenses (see here) is now available in Portuguese on the Brazilian website Queimando Filme (see here)!!!

10 April, 2012

The circus of life - Salto Mortale

Some weeks ago I was at a circus in Indaial (SC), Brasil. I shot some pictures of the two female aerial acrobats. The first one worked with an aerial hoop and the other one hung on her own hair. Yes, this is really crazy.

I made some sandwich photomontage of several pictures.

Image 1 version 1 consists of 6 pictures:
Image 1 version 2 consists of 9 pictures:
Image 1 version 3 consists of 11 pictures:

Image 2 consists of 6 pictures:

Image 3 version 1 consists of 4 pictures:
Image 3 version 2 consists of 5 pictures:

Pimp my frame.

For one of the pictures of the "Controle de sistema" triptych I tried to build a frame, but the first one became completely askew and the second became too large.
For that reason I used for this picture an old one, which I painted black.

But what to do with the two unused frames?
Pimp it!

The first frame I personalized with 35mm negative stripes:

with the photo montage "santa catarina 2010", brasil, 2010 from the "1 camera + 19lenses = 19pictures" project:

The second frame I'll use for my next project, which is about themes like death, war, misery, pain, destruction etc.:

05 April, 2012

Cidade Adormecida - Exhibition: Assembly + Vernissage

Yesterday was the assembly and the vernissage of the Cidade Adormecida - Exhibition at the SESC in Blumenau.

First some pictures from the assembly with Letícia Cardoso, the curator of this exhibition:

Now the art works of the artists:

1. Alessandra Klug:

2. Deda Silveira:

3. Fabiano Wurr:

3. Guilherme Becker:

My work "controle de sistema - triptych":

Now some pictures of the vernissage:

03 April, 2012

Cidade Adormecida - Exhibition.

Cidade Adormecida - The sleeping city

Wednesday, 04.04.2012, 20:00

Casarão do SESC
Rua Getúlio Vargas, 227 - Centro
Blumenau - SC

Here some pictures of the assembly and the vernissage.