31 January, 2010

Sunglasses FX Filter.

Do you have old sunglasses?
I've got some of them and at one of this sunglasses the spectacle frame is broken. I put the glasses out of them and now I use them as filter. The glasses have got a sepia-touch.

Without the Sunglasses FX Filter:

With the Sunglasses FX Filter:

Without the Sunglasses FX Filter (here I've modified the white balance):

With the Sunglasses FX Filter:

Without the Sunglasses FX Filter:

With the Sunglasses FX Filter:

Mind Jacker Lambe-Lambe #1

In Brazil the people call a 19th century wood camera lambe-lambe. And today I've built a Lambe-Lambe!

First I wanted to build it out of wood , but I didn't have the time for it. That's why I've made it out of carton.
But I created a mutant with 3 lenses!

Of course, it's a fake camera and doesn't work, but it's very nice;)

30 January, 2010

"Toda morte é...


("Every death is an illusion.")

Lindolf Bell

"redeye I + II", brasil, 2010

I think, that the reality is an illusion.

(Eu acho que a realidade é equívoco.)

27 January, 2010

Mural Mural Mural!

My picture "A flor" didn't win last week,...

...but hey the winner pic is very cool.

For semana 317 I sent a new picture to the Mural (see semana 317):

"cara e boca" ("face and mouth"), brasil, 2010

20 January, 2010

Once again!

A new week and once more one of my pictures is on the Mural do Portal Photos!
It is the picture "A flor" ("the flower"). See semana 316!

"the flower", brasil, 2010

Fly away!

Today I took my business jet and flew to Brusque (SC) and New York (NY).

Okay it's just a joke. I was only in one of them. Of course I've taken some pics of the usual suspects, like the Statue of Liberty;)

But later I was in the statuary park and shot some pics:

In the afternoon I was in the zoo, but the pics aren't really good.

19 January, 2010

"Art is a constant;...

...it's part of you. I think the idea of experiencing life is part of your creative path."

Dennis Hopper

all pictures by SAFA ARTS, 2010.