30 October, 2009

"When you photograph a face,...

...you photograph the soul behind it."

Jean-Luc Godard

*hmmmmmm*, *hihihihihihi* + *aha*, germany, 2004

29 October, 2009

"I prefer to spend my time in my corner of the world:...

...south Europe and west Asia, where I understand the codes and can make connections."

Nikos Economopoulos

"thinking and eating", germany, 2005

26 October, 2009

Do you like photos like this? :


OK, go to flickr, fotocommunity or someone else, but don't join MIND JACKER, because MIND JACKER makes pictures like this:

"zé pequeno", brasil, 2009

25 October, 2009

Once more a little bit of NegArt.

Pictures taken with an Agfa Iso-Rapid C on a 35mm Kodacolor 100

Pictures taken with a Pouva Start on a Kodak Portra 160VC

What you need:
Negatives and/or Slides (35mm, 120, etc.)
_ A Slide-Cutter for example a Kaiser Typ 2101 (for the background light)
_ A D-SLR for example a Canon EOS Rebel XSi/450D
_ Photoshop
At the next post about NegArt I'll use an Enlarger!

24 October, 2009

"Life is your art. ...

... An open, aware heart is your camera. An oneness with your world is your film. Your bright eyes and easy smile is your museum.

Ansel Adams

"the zenit 3M/revueflex", germany, 2006

23 October, 2009


"mind jacker was here! 1/2/3/8/10/16/20/22/24/30", brasil, 2009

From Blumenau over Indaial, Timbó and Benedito Novo to Doutor Pedrinho.

22 October, 2009

"I fell in love with the process of taking pictures,...

...with wandering around finding things. To me it feels like a kind of performance. The picture is a document of that performance."

Alec Soth

"look at once", brasil, 2008

"If you call yourself an artist, you won't get anything published. ...

... Call yourself a photojournalist, and then you can do whatever you want."

Robert Capa

"the coup 1+2", brasil, 2009

"Bei ungünstigen Lichtverhältnissen oder unfotogenen Motiven ist es eine Kunst,...

...nicht auf den Auslöser zu drücken!"

Andreas Feininger

"on the floor", brasil, 2009

20 October, 2009

"Adobe Photoshop did a much better job...

...than my darkroom in expressing everything that naturally occured in the original negative. Especially in bringing out the subtle colors and details of the photograph. Photoshop also eliminates the anxiety and frustration of the darkroom. It's actually fun. And I think that's an important and overlooked characteristic. Photoshop lets me explore options in a natural and intuitive fashion with exacting results."

Joel Meyerowitz

"structure 2.0 1+2", brasil, 2009

13 October, 2009

The Odyssey of Film 119.

This is the long way or in other words the odyssey of a 35mm-film, which is called Fuji Superia X-TRA 400.

Some day in the early 2008 the film came to me. It was my 119th film.
I put him in following cameras:

08.04.2008: 1st camera: Ricoh 500RF , 0 frames
09.04.2008: 2nd camera: Chupa Chups Photo Pop , 0 frames
15.07.2008: 3rd camera: Porst Compact Reflex S , 36 frames
(all 36 frames: bulb exposure at night / the first 9 frames: double exposure)
14.08.2008: 4th camera: Porst FX4 (Praktica Nova 1b), 0 frames
18.10.2008: 5th camera: Canon T50 , 15 frames at ISO 200
01.10.2009: 6th camera: Leica R4 , 36 frames
(some frames with Metz Mecablitz 20BC6)

Yes, a long way, but it's not over. Today I brought the film to a photo laboratory. They developed the film, but they didn't make prints of the film, because the film was too dazed and confused for them. Yes, experimental photography is not for everyone!
But ok, the odyssey continued.

13.10.2009: 7th camera: Canon EOS Rebel XSi

Then I edited some of them with Photoshop CS.

And here they are:

It was a real odyssey, but the gamble paid off!

08 October, 2009

"They gave themselves up wholly to their sorrow,...

...seeking increase of wretchedness in every reflection that could afford it, and resolved against ever admitting consolation in future."

Jane Austen, "Sense and Sensibility"

"sense and sensibility", brasil, 2009

"I was doing something that I thought could have some impact someday. ...

... In many ways, it's really these photographs that kept me going creatively."

Dennis Hopper

"play the guitar", brasil, 2009

"waiting for...", brasil, 2009

06 October, 2009


Today the fight between an analog EOS and a digital EOS.

At the analog front:
the EOS 10 with a Canon EF 4-5.6/28-90mm II and a Fuji Superia X-TRA 400.

At the digital front:
the EOS Rebel XSi with a Canon EF-S 3.5-5.6/18-55mm IS and the battery grip BG-E5.

01 October, 2009

"my point of view"


For all Leica-Fans a book tip:
Volker Albus, Achim Heine [HRSG./ED.]: "Positionen der Markenkultur - Views of brand culture - LEICA", Nicolai Verlag, Berlin 2004