29 May, 2012

vítima deste produto - concept

While other people sleep, I work.
I made this night at 3 - 4 o'clock a concept for the next exhibition.
I hope it'll rock!

Working title: "vítima deste produto" - "victim of this product"

Twelve hours later I made an experiment which is orientated to the concept, but it's an upgrade.

Well, it's just an unfinished concept...

10 May, 2012

violent photography.

Many pictures, which I shot, are bullshit, because of this I thought: I'll stick something over these pictures. And here we go, but before I used a picture of mine, I experimented with an old wedding photo of some relatives and sticked over it a promotional photo:
"wedding of the piriguetes"

After this I used two pictures which I made and sticked over them a paper with sudoku riddles:

After the glue was dry I striped off the sudoku paper:

And here it is:
"sehr leicht leicht mittel schwer", brasil, 2012

"sehr leicht" means very easy, "leicht" means easy, "mittel" means middle and "schwer" means heavy.

07 May, 2012

There is light behind me.

Well, I wanted to make another experiment, but in the end I found another thing.

I took some 10x10cm, 9x13cm and 10x15cm prints and glued them on another but larger print:

Then I waited, because I wanted to strip off the smaller prints, but when I held this collage against the lamp, I saw a cool effect and decided to let it how it is:

06 May, 2012


Once more an experiment with stencils. And now the printer will be the "graffiti sprayer".

I wanted to print a photo on two papers, for this reason I cut a hole in the top paper.
But the experiment only can work, if you use an envelope, because the printer has to think that it is one paper. And envelopes are very good for this, because two paper layers are fixed about each other.
But the envelope has to be together at least three sides, if not the printer makes this:

Yes, the printer crushed the envelope!

The picture above and the following picture I made at the Escambau party in 2010.

The correct result looks like this:

After I printed the photo on the envelope I cut the two lateral sides:

When you cut all sides, you have this result:

The result is a stencil negative and a stencil positive.


In the last time I was very influenced by street art stuff, especially by the stencil works.
And now I wanted to make some experiments with stencils on pictures.
Therefore I cut a mousepad and put these stencils on two old pictures, one of the grandpa of my dad and the other of the uncle of my dad. I think the pictues are out of the 1960s.

Then I sprayed the pictures with neon red, gold and silver:

After the paint was dry I used the letter stencils and painted with a permanent marker the text "LOOK" on the first picture and "SEE" on the other one:

05 May, 2012

The keyboarder files!

I was astonished at the result from the first overhead transparency experiment and I decided to make some more overhead transparency stuff.
I like this blurring effect, the people get a surreal style and look like aliens or monsters!

Now I used as backgrounds two photos from an old photo album, which I bought some years ago at a flea market in Germany. Both pictures were shot in Dubrovnik in 1939.

I shot the two pictures of the girls with my Konica Pop at the vernissage in the Fole Studio.

"keyboarder 01", brasil, 2012

"keyboarder 02", brasil, 2012

04 May, 2012

The overhead transparency experiment

Yesterday I found some overhead transparencies and thought, that I can use it for printing experiments.
Therefore I searched for a photo and found one, that I shot with my Konica Pop at the photowalk in Timbó in March:

I cleared the background, because I wanted to put an old postcard out of the 1960s with a beach scene for it. I adjusted the printer for transparencies, but the ink didn't dry. Therefore I put another transparency over the transparency with the picture and pressed it on. Of course, the ink melted.

"a bruxa do mar", brasil, 2012

03 May, 2012

Arte rigorosamente proibida!

"Arte rigorosamente proibida" means in English: strictly prohibited art.

It started some months ago as I found an old window frame in the shed of my aunt and I thought: Hey, perhaps I can use it!
But only in the last days I had the idea for what I can use it or how I can use it. The idea is inspired by the street art stuff which I saw in the last time.

Therefore I searched the letter stencils and painted with a permanent marker the text "Arte rigorosamente proibida" on the frame:

Then I stamped with my old letter stamps the text on old paper:

But now I needed a picture to print on it. I thought and thought and then the picture came in my mind. I shot it with my Konica Pop at the vernissage in the Fole Studio. The picture shows two girls who made funny things with the mannequin:

After I printed the picture on the paper, I cut the paper, taped it together and put it in the frame: