23 August, 2015

Ich bin ein Motiv!!!

"Ich bin ein Motiv" - "I am a motive" was some years ago the slogan by Konica. Some days ago I found a sheet with stickers with this slogan at the Mimapi Altertümchen in Cologne and of course I bought it. One of the stickers I taped on the Porst CX 4, a export version of the Praktica LB, which I bought last month at the fleamarket at the Rheinufer in Cologne.

But I bought more stuff in the last time and here we go with a new part of the LOCOstgraphy style.
First I bought at the fleamarket at the Rheinufer in Cologne the Porst CX 4 with the Porst 1.4/55mm lens and a camera bag from the 1970s for 20 Euro. Later on the same fleamarket I bought the Ringfoto 3.5/28mm lens for 5 Euro.
Some days later I was once more in the social secondhand store Kashka in Karlsruhe. There I bought the Revuenon 1.4/55mm and the Porst Tele 2.8/135mm lenses for 15 Euro together.
Then I was at the ZKM during the KAMUNA, where was a table with things for free. There I found a Kodak EK 8 instant camera and a Bauer E528ABS flash.
And in the last days I was once more in Cologne where I was at the Mimapi Altertümchen and there I bought the filter set for flashes from Metz with the original case for 3 Euro, a mechanical self-timer with the original case for 1 Euro and the sheet with the Konica stickers for 1 Euro.
In sum I paid 45 Euro for everything and of course, everything works perfectly!

15 August, 2015


Just three pictures which I made recently...

Moloch 2.0 @ Paraty em Foco

Once more I'm participating at the Convocatória of Paraty em Foco!!! Last year my series "WIRRWARR 08/15 - As Montagens" was participating there. This year the series "Moloch 2.0" is one of the selected works in the category Portfólio Em Foco.
You can see it here:

06 August, 2015

Kodak, I miss you...

In June I bought at a flea market a Kodak pocket Instamatic 100 in which still was an old certainly expired Agfa Vista 200. From the 24 frames on it, just eight were allready shot. Of course I shot the rest and here are the results...
 I love the trashiiiie pocket style!

This year I was at the KAMUNA and among other museums I visited the wonderful ZKM where was also a table with things for free. There I found this Kodak EK 8 instant camera. The next day I put new batteries into it and voilà it works and surprise there was still a film with three sheets in it, but I think they were too expired...
We love Kodak!