11 December, 2016

for the last time pinhole.

I wasn't really satisfied with the first pictures made with my Zeiss Ikon pinhole camera, therefore I modified it a little bit. I replaced the Rollei lens cap with a Canon FD rear lens cap. So the focal length changed from 45mm to 70mm.

Focal length: 70mm
Diameter: 0.353mm
fStop: 198
Image circle: 134mm 

I shot some landscape pictures and a few of the Fernmeldeturm Grünwettersbach, but just one picture became something, but this is also very unsharp...

I think the first modification of the camera was still better than the second one, but in any case it was the last time I've used a pinhole camera...

08 December, 2016

The 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project. part 3.2

I was a little bit disappointed with the quantity and quality of the pictures of part 3, because I noticed that many of the negatives are okay, but the laboratory printed only eight of the pictures. Therefore and because of some problems with laboratories, I bought a negative- and diascanner. It is a Medion E82001 (MD85561), which isn't a professional one, but it works.
Here are the results:

04 December, 2016

I'm happy!

Sometimes you become very happy when you find a cool camera at Ebay and nobody makes a offer.
More than ten years ago I saw some Diana cameras at a fleamarket, but didn't buy one of them, because in this time I just wanted to use 35mm SLRs. A great error, because some time after this the Dianas became very hip, of course, with the help of the Lomography Society.
But some weeks ago I found a Porst Happy as a complete set with the flash and bulbs, the manual and the original packing. Dianas were often being sold under other names and my Porst Happy is in fact a Diana De Luxe.
I think the hipsters don't know this fact, because the Dianas are expensive, even at Ebay.
picture from the ebay seller
The film I used in the Porst Happy was a Fomapan 400.

Now I just need to find a Porst Lucky to get lucky ;)

03 December, 2016

The multicolor effect.

After the soft focus filter I used with the same camera, the same lens and the same film a Hama multicolor effect filter with six different colors. Oh yes, this sounds strange and the pictures you can expect will be strange, too. Especially when the film is very expired.

01 December, 2016

The blur effect.

I've ever wanted to try a soft focus filter, of course for portraits to create a wonderful blurry touch. I bought an old one from Cenei and used it with my Minolta Dynax 8000i and the Sigma 3.5-4.5/28-80mm. The film was a very expired Kodak Gold 200.
The following pictures aren't good to show the effect of a soft focus filter, because the film was too expired. But the expired film and perhaps the filter created a cool vintage look.