25 November, 2012

xylography palimpsest.

You can find crazy things on facebook and a few days ago I saw this instruction on the great page of "Reciclagem , Jardinagem e Decoração".
First I thought to use the xylography technique in combination with my DIY paper, but it doesn't work till now.
So I printed on other paper, therefore I call them "xylography palimpsests".

First some making-of pictures and then three prints...

"SAX-O", brasil, 2012
"SAX-meupassatempopreferido", brasil, 2012
"SAX-vintagechart", brasil, 2012

24 November, 2012


In May I made some experiments with overhead transparencies and yesterday I decided to take up the idea and therefore I printed three flower pictures on transparencies.
Like at the last time the ink didn't dry and because of this I put other transparencies over the transparencies with the ink and pressed them on so that the ink melted.

"2become1 #01", brasil, 2012
"2become1 #02", brasil, 2012
"2become1 #03", brasil, 2012


I had the idea to make paper for a long time and on Wednesday I finally started to collect newspapers and palimpsets, which I outsourced.
Of course I read some articles in the internet about DIY paper, but in the end I made my own shit, as always...
First I ripped the newspapers and palimpsests to pieces and then, on Thursday,  I blended it with water and used the mixer to make a sludge of it.
After this I used a sieve (well, it was a visor of an eye protection, which I used when I worked with my chainsaw) to dip the cellulose fiber out of the water...
In the past I thought that the manufacturing process would be complicated, but in fact it's really funny and easy...
At the next three pictures you can see a detail of a piece of paper, which survived the mixer. The detail shows the word "LICHT", which is German for light. I love this detail and it's really SERENDIPITY!!!
But then in the afternoon I made a great error! I put the papers on the ground, thereby the sun could dry them, but I've got two young dogs and yes, you know...they shredded the papers...
The last picture before the massacre:
But okay I collected the pieces and at Friday morning I mixed the pieces with water and made the whole process one more time. But before of this I ripped some others outsourced palimpsests and compounded them with the cellulose fiber. Because I like the style with the details!!!
Now the new papers:

See here more as finished art work...

21 November, 2012

1. Encontro da Cultura Alemã de Doutor Pedrinho

On Sunday, November 11th, was the 1. Encontro da Cultura Alemã de Doutor Pedrinho in my hometown.

I was invited to show some of my stuff.
Well, the event was deeply interesting...