28 January, 2012


* Exposição fotográfica c/ Fabricio Schmidt
* Mostra de filmes experimentais por OpiópticA
* Músicas de Outsider Broadcast
Friday, 10.02.2012, 19:00
Entrance fee: R$ 8,00

Opening hours:
13.02. - 02.03.2012
Monday - Friday:
14:00 - 17:00

Fole Studio
Rua Iguaçú, n° 314
Bairro Itoupava Seca(Perto do Campus 3 da FURB, rua da fábrica da Cremer)
Blumenau - SC
Here the Map

6 Pfennig for a Picolé.

Once more a palimpsest.
But this doesn't belong to the series "palimpsest" or "palimpsest 2.0".

The old letter:

The Photoshop sandwich:

The original scan:
"6 pfennig" with the photo "back at home 2010"

I pimped a little bit the picture frame for the picture, because it was too boring. I used the nail enamel Avon ColorTrend Cremosa in the color "picolé" to paint the frame. Yes I know, it is unusual to use nail enamel for paint work, but the glance is really nice ;)

27 January, 2012

Palimpsest 2.0 - part 3

Now the third and last part of Palimpsest 2.0. See here part1 and here part 2.

Here I printed on a postcard from 1980, which Uncle Wilhelm wrote to his relatives. He went on vacation in the nice Lipperland, a region in Germany. His afterword is: "Briefmarke für Heinrich", in english: "stamp for Heinrich".

Here the sandwich version with Photoshop:

And here is the scan of the printing image:
"briefmarke für heinrich" with the photo "give the guns out"

"give the guns out", germany, 2006

In 2006 I made some sandwich experiments with Photoshop and an old postcard from 1911 and the same picture:

I only made these experiments with Photoshop and didn't print the pictures on the old postcard, because I was afraid to damage this wonderful very old postcard.

Palimpsest 2.0 - part 2

This is the second picture of Palimpsest 2.0 (see here part 1 and here part 3).

Once more I printed a photo of a statue on an old and used paper. In this case it is an old letter from 1949 of the finance authority of the German city Mönchengladbach. There are two stamps on the letter, a solidarity stamp for Berlin and a stamp with the Cologne Cathedral.

Here the Photoshop version (sandwich):

And here is the scan of the printing image:
"wiedereinsetzung in den vorigen stand" with the photo "come my girl #8"

25 January, 2012

Palimpsest 2.0

After I made the Palimpsest Series, I wanted to make a new picture with a bank note background. But now I haven't used only bank notes from Brazil, but also notes from Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Portugal.

Here the scan of the background:

Of course, you can make the rest with Photoshop, but for me something is missing here:

And here is the scan of the printing image, which has got more "life", more "spirit", more "tension":

"twee en een halve" with the photo "the yearning Snow White #1"

Yes, my printer makes what he wants. Everytime I set it right, but later nothing is correct. But this is the artful trick! Before the ink was dry, I made some corrections with wet kitchen paper, for example the rose and the face of Dom Pedro II.

A short historical excursion:

It was Dom Pedro II, who brought the photography to Brazil:

“..., o homem responsável pela vinda da fotografia para o Brasil foi o imperador D.Pedro II.”, in “Curso Prático de Fotografia – para iniciantes” by André Lima;


“No Brasil, a fotografia ganhou um admirador dos mais ilustres desde o seu primeiro contato com o daguerreótipo, logo no ínicio de 1840: o imperador D.Pedro II. Ele foi, na verdade, mais do que um admirador. Foi também adepto, mecenas, colecionador e, sobretudo, responsável por grande parte do acervo relacionado ao assunto existente hoje em nosso páis.”, in “Poses e Trejeitos – A fotografia e as exposições na era do espetáculo (1839 – 1889)” by Maria Inez Turazzi.


“Em março [ de 1840], D.Pedro II,[...]adquire um equipamento de daguerreotipia por 250 mil réis”, in “Poses e Trejeitos – A fotografia e as exposições na era do espetáculo (1839- 1889)” by Maria Inez Turazzi.

see here part 2!

and here part 3!

15 January, 2012


After I shot with my funny Agfa Press Camera, I had the idea to make some more outfits like the Agfa Press.
But now some funny Paparazzi outfits!

The first outfit is the Meikai AR-4367 with a Metz mecablitz 20BC6 and a "Canon EOS digital"-strap:

The second outfit is a pure Locostgraphy style outfit, which is composed of a Smena Symbol and a Tron S400 TCZ:

The third outfit is a heavy bomber! The Voigtländer Vitomatic II and the Mirage PRO 550 monster flash:

The last outfit is a serial killer in an everlasting bloodlust! It's the EXA 1b with the pentaprism and the rivet bomb back of the EXA 1c, the Porst 3.5/135mm with rubber lens hood, the Mirage PRO 550 and a Nikon strap:
I'm curious to shoot with these outfits! Here a wonderful video, which inspired me!

Here a very cool Weegee-like setup!!!

05 January, 2012

Momentos Duráveis

"momentos duráveis", brasil, 2011

"Fabricio é um artesão da fotografia. Artesão no sentido de dominar, selecionar e cuidar de todo o processo. Realiza um trabalho com diversas fotografias que no percurso de sua história são significativas. Nascido na Alemanha, esse artista que mora em Dr. Pedrinho dialoga entre dois mundos, que para ele se tornam um, materializados na sua vida, na sua existência. Não deixa suas memórias lá, as trás para dialogarem com o que aqui vive e se coloca numa marca que deixa claro, são parte de sua identidade. Seu auto-retrato está presente, num grande quebra cabeça de fotos individuais que constituem um todo. O processo é tecnológico, mas não deixa por isso de ser artesanal, pois o artista cuida de cada detalhe que se encaixa."

por Carla Carvalho

In English:
"Fabricio is an artisan of photography. Artisan in terms of dominating, selecting and taking care of the entire process. He realizes an art work with different photographs, which are significant in his life's journey. Born in Germany, this artist, who lives in Dr. Pedrinho, dialogues between two worlds, which for him become one, materialized in his life, in his existence. He doesn't let his memories there, but they enter in dialogue to what he lives here and he points the way that makes clear, that they're a part of his identity. His self-portrait is present in a large puzzle of individual photos, which constitute a whole. The process is technological, but without to drop the artisanal aspect, because the artist takes care of every detail that fits."

by Carla Carvalho

03 January, 2012

DIY: A Notebook Frame

I had the idea to use my old IBM Thinkpad 600E as a picture frame in 2009. I bought it used for 500 Euro in 2003 and in 2008 the HD drive or something else broke.
As you can see at the concept drawing, I wanted to use other pictures, but I put another picture into the notebook frame. Perhaps I'll do the original idea some day.

The only things what you need is double faced adhesive tape, a print in the right size of the screen (my print was a little too small, which looks a little bit ugly) and of course an old and/or broken notebook.