22 July, 2013

the bureaucracy palimpsests

Today I printed five self-portraits on bureaucratic files in the size DIN A4 and one in the size DIN A3. 
I've printed on files from my university period...

First the triptych "sehr geehrter antragsteller bitte unbedingt beachten formblat 7".
The first and the third pictures are printed on bureaucratic files from the BAföG. The second picture is printed on a bureaucratic file from the ZVS.

"sehr geehrter antragsteller", brasil, 2013

"bitte unbedingt beachten", brasil, 2013

"formblatt 7", brasil, 2013

One of the other two palimpsests is printed on the matriculation from the University of Essen (in the size DIN A3) and the other one once more on a bureaucratic file of the BAföG.
"antrag auf einschreibung", brasil, 2013
"erläuterungen", brasil, 2013

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