01 November, 2009

insane camera-lens-combinations part 2

part 1 is here

Today I bought an old Meopta Opemus IIa enlarger with following accessories:

_ Shinker 3.5/75mm Made in Japan
_ Shinker 4.5/105mm Made in Japan
_ Kodak Enlarging Ektar 4.5/75mm Made in USA
_ Schneider Kreuznach Componon 5.6/80mm Made in Germany
_ 2x adapter for the lenses
_ spare lamp
_ Timer from Kohm
_ 2x Ilford Multigrade Filter Kit (one kit is numbered 00-5 in 1/2 steps and the other kit is numbered 1-5 in 1 steps)
_ 2x red-light lamps

But before I'll use the enlarger, I created some insane camera-lens-combinations and made some trails.

First I screwed an Industar 61 2.8/52mm from the FED 4 and a Helios 44 2/58mm from the Zenit 3M/Revueflex on the Meopta, because one of the lens adapter plates has a M39 thread mount (here with the Helios):

Then I screwed the Shinker 4.5/105mm en­large­ment lens on the Zenit 3M/Revueflex, but it doesn't work, you won't get a sharp picture:

The next combi is the FED 4 with the Shinker 3.5/75mm. And this combi works, it's a real macro. After this I screwed the Shinker 4.5/105mm on the FED and of course this works, too. The only problem is that the FED 4 is a rangefinder and because of this the focussing is a little bit complicated, but no problem for no problem people:

EDIT 19.09.2010:
Today I made some photos with the FED 4 and the both lenses. But before I measured the distance between the lens and the subject to know the right focussing point. I measured from the front part of the lens:
The distance at the Shinker 105mm is 4,6cm to the subject.
The distance at the Shinker 75mm is 2,0cm
to the subject.
To check this, I screwed the both lenses on my Zorki 4. And yes, with the same results.
EDIT 08.11.2010:
I'm sorry, but the field test was unsuccessful. The pictures are all unsharp!
The next combi is just for fun. I put the Kodak Enlarging Ektar 4.5/75mm on the Zorki 4, but the screw mount of the Kodak is a little bit smaller than M39.
It's a great pity, because I wanted a combination of the USSR and the USA that works:

EDIT 27.05.2011:
See here an American-Russian combination thats works!

The next combi is really insane. The combi consists of the Canon EOS Rebel XSi and the Schneider Kreuznach Componon 5.6/80mm + the enlarger adapter plate.
Yes the picture seems like a dazed feeling:

The next picture shows the combination of the Canon EOS Rebel XSi with the Canon EF-S 3.5-5.6/18-55mm IS and the Ilford Multigrade Filter No.5:

At last I put the Ilford Multigrade Filter-System on the Elmarit 2.8/35mm from the Leica R4. In the Leica is an Ilford FP4+ :

The pictures with some of this combis are coming soon!

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