15 September, 2012

Cidade Adormecida at the MAB

Last week was the vernissage of the group exhibition "Cidade Adormecida" at the Museu de Arte de Blumenau (MAB) in Blumenau (SC), Brazil.
More here on the site of the MAB and here.

Here some pictures of my work hanging in the MAB:

Yes, first the setup was wrong, because I didn't make the assembly, but I corrected it until the vernissage started.

The art works of Deda Silveira and Fabiano Wurr:

The art work of Gui Becker:

The art work of Alessandra Klug:

The exhibition "Cronofotografias do Self" of Lilian Barbon:

The exhibition "Outra Superfície" of Ana Claudia Lubitz: