13 October, 2009

The Odyssey of Film 119.

This is the long way or in other words the odyssey of a 35mm-film, which is called Fuji Superia X-TRA 400.

Some day in the early 2008 the film came to me. It was my 119th film.
I put him in following cameras:

08.04.2008: 1st camera: Ricoh 500RF , 0 frames
09.04.2008: 2nd camera: Chupa Chups Photo Pop , 0 frames
15.07.2008: 3rd camera: Porst Compact Reflex S , 36 frames
(all 36 frames: bulb exposure at night / the first 9 frames: double exposure)
14.08.2008: 4th camera: Porst FX4 (Praktica Nova 1b), 0 frames
18.10.2008: 5th camera: Canon T50 , 15 frames at ISO 200
01.10.2009: 6th camera: Leica R4 , 36 frames
(some frames with Metz Mecablitz 20BC6)

Yes, a long way, but it's not over. Today I brought the film to a photo laboratory. They developed the film, but they didn't make prints of the film, because the film was too dazed and confused for them. Yes, experimental photography is not for everyone!
But ok, the odyssey continued.

13.10.2009: 7th camera: Canon EOS Rebel XSi

Then I edited some of them with Photoshop CS.

And here they are:

It was a real odyssey, but the gamble paid off!