26 November, 2009

An absurd idea!

Question: Can I take a photo through another camera?

Answer: Yes, it's complicated, but possible.

How to do:
I took my Canon EOS Rebel XSi and the Praktica F.X 3 and two tripods. The back from the Praktica is removable and the shutter is a little bit rusty, therefore it's easier to shoot through it.
First I focused the Praktica. To focus the second camera, in this case the Rebel XSi, is a little bit complicated. Sometimes the AF doesn't work, but I had time to set the AF-system.

First some making-of pictures:

The picture through another camera:

Yes, it isn't the big hit, but once more a question is solved!

Oh I think it's easier to shoot through the waist-level finder from the Praktica;) Okay, at the next time!

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