07 March, 2010

CATALISA: The Photography Workshop!

Today was the great photography workshop hosted by Charles Steuck!
First he talked, of course, about photography (what is a photo? what is a camera? a camera obscura? etc.).
After this, Charles presented us a kind of a selfmade Camera Lucida or such a finder, because it hasn't a mirror or prism. Many landscape painters and photographers used and use a camera lucida or a finder for a better view.
Everybody got one and we should go out and use it with a normal camera or just with our eyes.

First some impressions of this session:

Through the camera lucida with the Canon Rebel XSi (Yes, it is another way to take a picture through another camera.):

Through the camera lucida with the Canon PowerShot A200:

The workshop was very good!
Thanks to Charles for it and the camera lucida!

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Ali said...

que legal!!!
e ótimos resgistros, hein?