26 April, 2010

An unusual way to digitalize analog photos.

I shot a roll of film last month at the vernissage of the Salão Elke Hering in the MAB in Blumenau, SC.
I used my good old Porst FX4 (Praktica Nova 1b), a Revuenon Special 2.8/135mm lens and the great Fuji Pro Value II 200. I shot at 1/60 and f-stop 2.8, without flash and without a tripod.
The laboratory developed the film and today I wanted to digitalize the c-prints. But my both scanners aren't working.
What a fuck, but no problem for no problem people;)

What you need:
_ an enlarger or another light
_ a dslr or another digital camera
_ a tripod
_ and a red light

Yes it is a little bit like in the good old darkroom;) And Hey you won't need Photoshop!
Here some making-of pictures:

And here the analog-digital pictures (some of them are real analog double exposures):


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nada convencional. muito bom! maindra

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