02 May, 2010

PRAKTIsche CAmera - Part2.

In a little rag shop in Curitiba, the capital of the brazilian state Paraná, among a lot of fake-cameras I found a wonderful Praktica LTL 3.
The camera was very grungy, but it works like on the first day. The only thing which wasn't in a good condition was the body covering, but I made a custom one out of old US40-pants.
The lens at it wasn't a 50mm, but a huge Paximat 4.5/80-200mm Zoom with a S&K 81B-filter. The lens is a bulky metal work, but it works great.

In the Museu Oscar Niemeyer I bought in the shop two wonderful exhibition catalogs:
_Flávio Damm - Fotógrafo
_Bernie Dechant - Brasil, Além Brasil

PRAKTIsche CAmera - Part1

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