25 October, 2010

Impressions of a workhorse.

These days I've used plenty of times my Praktica LTL3, for example for the series "1camera + 19lenses = 19pictures".
The LTL3 is a wonderful camera and I enjoy to photograph with her.
You know that I built a handgrip for her, which facilitated the work with the Praktica.

Of course, the LTL3 has got TTL, but certainly you need a battery for that and I was too lazy to buy one. For that reason I've glued little exposure charts, which are on the packages of Kodak- and Fuji-films, on the camera bottom.

It's very easy to use them. That way I've exposed almost the whole "1camera + 19lenses = 19pictures"-series. Okay, it seems a little bit dilettante, but who cares?

Also I've glued a kind of insulating tape on the edges of the handgrip, the hatch and the film advance lever to make it a bit safer. The tape is in fact for table tennis bats and is from Schöler&Micke.

And I've glued a piece of a film package on the back to know what film is in the camera.
I think that the yellow and red of Kodak harmonize with the brown of the camera cover.

I love this Thai letters!

Yeah, my Praktica LTL3 isn't a beauty queen, but she is designed to be a workhorse!

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