03 January, 2011


Last month I bought the wonderful book Photoshop & Fotografia - Como deixar suas fotos incríveis, published by the Editora Europa. The original was published in the Focus Guide Photoshop series by Future Publishing.

The guide has got many tutorials to imitate different styles of great photographers and other dark room techniques.
The tutorials are great and easy to follow. I edited some of my pictures, which I shot with my Zenit 12 PRO on Fuji Superia XTRA 400 film, with Photoshop CS.

1. Daguerreotype
"i hate the way they love 2010 #2", brasil, 2010

2. William Fox Talbot's calotype process"silent creek 2", brasil, 2010

3. Gum bichromate
"silent creek", brasil, 2010

4. Alfred Stieglitz's Platinum print
"fabi boxes", brasil, 2010

5. Bill Brandt
"ferrugem", brasil, 2010

6. W. Eugene Smith
"at the afternoon #1", brasil, 2010

7. desaturated urban (Visual 'urbano' dessaturado)
"at the afternoon #2", brasil, 2010

8. Orton imagery / Orton slide sandwich
"at the afternoon #3", brasil, 2010

9. Bleach bypass
"at the afternoon #4", brasil, 2010

10. Don McCullin
"at the afternoon #5", brasil, 2010

11. Cross processing
"my view 2010 #2", brasil, 2010

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