12 August, 2011

DIY: A Wood Plate Frame

Yesterday I submitted my picture "sum of the digits 13" (with a short text explaining why this picture is one of my favorites, what makes it special to me) to the Romka Magazine.

The deciding reason, 'cause this picture is one of my favorites:

I shot this picture in the age of more or less five years, far in the 1980s. I think it is one of my first pictures or even the first picture I've ever taken. It was lost without a trace for many years, but as I started my photography business it became a sort of personal icon for me. It says to me: Go out and take pictures!

Today I had the idea to make a frame for this picture.
I used an old wood plate as background.

1. measuring + marking:


3. grinding:

4. treating with wood preservative:

5. drilling:

6. threading:

7. customizing:

8. picture arranging:

9. mounting:

10. decorating:

11. hanging:

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