09 December, 2011

The Mind Jacker style in a photographic coursebook!

There is a wonderful project called "Ponto de Cultura: Fotografia para todos", which educates the public, particularly pupils and teachers of public schools, about photography.
Here the page of this project.

For that reason exists a small coursebook and because I know the persons behind this project I gave them some pictures for this book. I'm very proud to have got the chance to participate with some pictures at this project. You can download the book here (Livreto para Educatores) as pdf.

Yes, the picture at the bottom on the right is mine.
I shot it with a simple Instamatic camera (Kodak Instamatic 233) on expired Agfa HDC+200 film:

"on request rain", brasil, 2007

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Charles said...

O Foto Clube de Santa Catarina é que agradece a sua colaboração!