12 March, 2012

ThE mOnStEr PaLiMpSeSt!!!

ThE mOnStEr PaLiMpSeSt based on the "system control" concept, but goes much further.
The idea was to print one picture on a collage of many papers in the size 200x300cm, but this was too large, therefore the size shrinked to 100x150cm with 66 pieces of paper.
But the whole idea is too crazy, because in the theory it sounds good, but in practice it's hard to make.
I started to print the first ten parts of the collage, and of course I had fresh new ink cartridges, but the picture has got many green and red areas and because of this the color ink cartridge was soon empty for these two colors.
I'm very sad that I didn't get it, but I don't have the money to buy a dozen of fresh new color ink cartridges for one work.
I must put off this plan, but maybe one day I'll continue...

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