13 July, 2012

recent works

I'm sorry, more than one month without a new post. I was very busy, but I made some new stuff:
some stamp and stencil works and some palimpsests:

"minha ignorância me diverte" ("my ignorance amuses me"), brasil, 2012

My postcard for the project "Mapas de Influências - Arte Postal":

The received postcards will be displayed on the site and will be part of an exhibition in August in the Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade in São Paulo (SP), Brasil.

My other recent works:
"big brother is watching you or you are watching big brother?", brasil, 2012
"BLIND", brasil, 2012
"matriz filial filial filial filial filial filial filial", brasil, 2012
"of governments", brasil, 2012

A window frame with some of the recent works. This is the set-up for an event in August:

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