26 April, 2013

das meer, die nacht und deine liebe...

In March one of my aunts gave me an old window. The wooden frame has the size 25,9 x 88 cm and there're six little windows in the frame. They've got different sizes, the far left has got the size 18,7 x 5,3 cm, the next one has got the size 18,7 x 13,5 cm, and the others have got the size 18,7 x 12,5 cm.
But only four of them still have got the glass inside, at the far left and the far right the glass is missing.
To use it as a picture frame I cut six wood panels in the right sizes and fixed them with screws at the back.

On April 8th, when I picked up my pictures at the SAPo in Florianópolis, I was still at one of the beaches and took some photos with my Voigtländer Vitomatic II on expired (May 2012) Kodak UltraMax 400 film.

I'll use one of these pictures with the window frame, but, of course, I want to make a panoramic palimpsest out of it, because the frame is ideal for this.
As paper I'll use some pages from a German "Groschenroman" or as I call them "Herzschmerzromane" (in English "heartbreak novels") with the title "Das Meer, die Nacht und deine Liebe" (in English "The sea, the night and your love").

I made some Photoshop versions to test which picture looks best in the frame and on the paper:

version 1.1
version 1.2
version 1.3
version 1.4
version 1.5
version 1.6
version 1.7
version 1.8
version 1.9
version 4.11
version 4.12
At the end I've decided, that version 1.1 will be the best picture for this window frame!!!

In the next days I'll print the picture on the paper and put it into the window frame...

EDIT 30.04.2013:

The printed palimpsest:
"das meer, die nacht und deine liebe", brasil, 2013
Like always the printed palimpsest is different as the Photoshop version.

I will print the versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8 as palimpsests, too, but will use them without a frame. I think, that I'll show them at the COLMÉIA 2013 event in August...

And here the masterplan of the work:

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