14 June, 2014

Aufbauende Altbauten.

In December 2008 I made a photo montage inspired by the collages by David Hockney, where I stuck together two 9x13cm C-prints with a round band-aid. The building which is on the two pictures is the Waterloosäule in Hannover, Germany. I photographed it some weeks before the 2006 FIFA World Cup started in Germany. They built up the Fan Fest at the Waterloosäule, therefore the skeleton is around it. I called the photo montage "Aufbauende Altbauten" which means "building up old buildings" and is a homage to the German band Einstürzende Neubauten which means "Collapsing New-Buildings". I love the sound of this great band!
"aufbauende altbauten", brasil, 2008
Today I made two new photo montages in the same style with 9x13cm C-prints and baind-aids.
First a montage with two C-prints from the old Conti tower at the old Conti factory in Hannover-Limmer, which I also photographed in 2006.
"aufbauende altbauten 2", brasil, 2014

And one montage with three 9x13cm C-prints of the Ihme-Zentrum in Hannover Linden, which I photographed in 2005.
"aufbauende altbauten 3", brasil, 2014

EDIT 17.12.2014
I'm participating with this project at the Arte Cidade 2014 - Corpo-Cidade exhibition at the SESC Blumenau.

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