17 September, 2015

Digital EOS meets old manual lenses.

I don't like new lenses, either they're plastic crap or they're superb, but expensive. The decision to use old manual lenses wasn't difficult for me. I have a lot of M42 screw mount lenses, but as I moved back to Germany I left them in Brazil, because many of them have fungus,because of the high humidity there, inside.
But okay, in Germany you can buy old lenses for some bucks, therefore I took only my Leitz Elmarit-R 2.8/35mm, the Helios 44M-4 2/58mm and my Revuenon Special 2.8/135mm with me to Germany.
Of course I bought the M42-EOS and LeicaR-EOS adapters, both from quenoX, in Germany and not in Brazil, because photo equipment is and alway was very very expensive there.
Back in Germany it wasn't difficult to find old lenses and cameras for little money.

And here come some portraits of my beautiful girlfriend, which I shot with some of my manual lenses:
shot with Chinon 2.8/28mm
shot with Leitz Elmarit-R 2.8/35mm
shot with Revuenon MC 1.8/50mm (a labeled Pentacon/Meyer Optik Görlitz)
shot with Revuenon 1.7/55mm (a labeled Chinon)
shot with A.Schacht Ulm Edixa-Travenar-R 2.8/85mm

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