09 November, 2015

My camerabag @ Japan Camera Hunter - part 2.

YEAH, once again Japan Camera Hunter shows one of  my camerabags!!! The first time it was the bag 1023 and you can see it here. Now my bag is number 1292!

It maybe a dreary autumn morning here, but this bag certainly brightens things up. What is it with you lot and knives though? Check out that Kodak though…very cool.

A few months ago I returned to Germany and therefore the very Brazilian and colourful bag had to give way to a more discreet bag. I travel a lot in Germany by bus and train and because of this I wanted a lightwight, simple, but reliable setup to shoot street and outdoor portraits. The simple army bag contains a classic street setup with a Leica III, a 35mm and a 50mm lens, but also a tiny Kodak pocket camera.
As you can see, I became more discrete. But I hope, that my pictures shot with both cameras won’t be discrete, but great and significant. Okay, let’s see if I really have talent ;)

Here the content of my bag:
_ Leica III
_ Summar 2/50mm
_ Leitz SBOOI Viewfinder
_ Jupiter 12 2.8/35mm
_ KMZ Turret Finder
_ Agfa Photo APX 100 + 400
_ Agfa Germany Portrait 160 + Vista 400
_Kodak pocket Instamatic 100
_Fuji Superia 200 (expired 2006)
_Swiss Army pocket knife + bag
_Lamy pen
_Little DIY bag made by my girlfriend
_Miltec army shoulder bag

Thanks for sharing your bag with us again, Fabricio. I have not seen anyone shoot an Instamatic ages.

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