01 December, 2015

The PRAKTIsche CAmera present.

I like a lot Praktica cameras! At this moment I have got seven of them from three different series:
Praktica F.X3 blue
Porst FX4 (Praktica PL nova I series)
Praktica super TL (Praktica PL nova I series)
Porst CX4 (Praktica L series - 1st generation)
Praktica LTL3 black speed (Praktica L series - 2nd generation)
Revue ML (Praktica L series - 4th generation)
My Praktica super TL + Praktica nova 1B of my girlfriend

Now I got my eighth Praktica, a Praktica BMS, which came with a vintage AKO camera bag as a present from my girlfriend! :)
picture from the dawanda seller

The BMS is from the Praktica B line with manual speed shutter control, "the camera for conservative individualists which never deliver her experience to a machine" (source). Well, I'm not a conservative person, but an individualist one, therefore it's the right camera for me!
picture from the ebay seller

Here the BMS is coming in a typical LOCOstgraphy setup:

_Praktica BMS - 23,80 € (incl. 3,90 postage) - Analog Lounge (Ebay)
_Beroflex MC Auto 4-5.6/70-210mm + lens caps - 5,- € -
Kruschtlmarkt Durlach
_Nikon HS-4 lens hood - 0,50 € - Déjà-vu Karlsruhe
_Tokina Sky filter - 0,50 € (convolute) - Kruschtlmarkt Durlach
_Camera metal strap - 1,- € (convolute) - Kashka Karlsruhe
_Metz 30B3 flash - 4,50 € (convolute) - Kruschtlmarkt Durlach
_Metz flash filter blue - 0,50 € (convolute) - Mimapi Altertümchen Cologne
_AKO vintage camera bag - 15,90 € (incl. 5,90 postage) - giba Vintage (Dawanda)

Sum Total: 51,70 €

_Fujicolor C200 (expired 02/2015) double pack - 3,99 Zeitreise Oldenburg (Ebay)
_Agfacolor XRG200 (expired 09/2006) double pack -  4,80 € - Ebay
_DM Paradies 200 triple pack - 9,- € - Foto Dinter Durlach

I'll use the setup for the second part of Colorize your flash. After I used the red and green filter, I'll use now the blue one.

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