24 February, 2016

The Zeiss Ikon Days - part 1.

During the Zeiss Ikon Days I just shot with four cameras of this old and venerable German camera brand. Of course this wasn't an official event hosted by Zeiss Ikon, it was just a private thing of mine.
The cameras I used were:

_Box-Tengor 55/2 postwar version
_Contina Ia (type 526/24) Pinhole
_Contaflex Super B

The first part shows the color pictures made with the brilliant Contaflex. It's really a joy to photograph with it, because the camera still works like 50 years ago and it feels so solid but also smooth in your hands.
First I put an expired DM Paradies 200 made by Kodak in the Contaflex and used a Zeiss Ikon lens hood with an integrated UV filter. The second film was an expired Kodacolor VR+200, were I used also a Zeiss Ikon lens hood, but with an integrated B+W KR3 filter.
the first film was very expired
in the Michael Horbach Stiftung, Cologne
long exposure with tripod
We and the Contaflex

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