21 July, 2016

Finally I used the SX-70!

I bought my Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep at a flea market in 2006 for 15 Euro. Some months ago I bought an Impossible Color Film. But until now I didn't shoot with the SX-70. I even shot the Instax wide 300 before it and the Instax I only received in May.

It was the first time for many years that I used a Pola. In the past I only used a Supercolor 635 CL, but the SX-70 is really much more fun to use than a simple Pola 600 camera.
But I must confess that I was disappointed about the development of the film, because it lost the feeling of the instant film. First the photo appears as a solid dark blue and remains so for a long time. And you must put the photo facedown in a dark place like a bag or pocket.
I remember the old original Polaroid films where it was much better and easier.
I did really everything which is written in the manual of the film, but the results are simply bad. Six of eight photos are overexposed. I set the lighten/darken wheel of the camera, but it made no difference.
Compared to the Instax film the Impossible film is really bad.
I hope that they will make the film better, because I will use my SX-70 one more time. It's really cool to use the camera.

I edited the following photos with Photoshop to see at least something on it.

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