08 September, 2016

my little wannabe frankenstein camera.

In August I bought as a bargain a srcappy Canon EOS 500N with the battery grip to use simple AA batteries at the Mimapi Altertümchen. I wanted to use my M42 lenses via adapter at the 500N, but some days later I bought very cheap a broken black Olympus OM-1 with the great Zuiko Auto-S 1.8/50mm lens at a fleamarket. As I just have an adapter to use OM-lenses at EOS cameras, I decided to use the 1.8/50mm at the 500N. The Sony lens cap I found at the same time on the street.
At the back of the camera I put an exposure chart, because the lightmeter doesn't work with manual lenses.

I shot some pictures from the Fernmeldeturm Grünwettersbach, a French hydrant and Rhine signs in France and Germany with the EOS and the Zuiko lens on a Kodak Gold 200 film.

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