02 October, 2016

The 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project. part 2.

In the first part are the pictures from the MinoltaDynax8000i-PentaxK1000-Combination and here are the pictures from the Minolta7000AF-PentaxK1000-Combination.
I don't know if the photographer from the 7000 AF is the same as the one from the Dynax 8000i, but it is highly probable. On the film, a Kodak 200, from the 7000 AF were pictures from kids and perhaps from inside of a church. Here the doubles exposures match almost perfectly.
I'm very excited. The results from both filmes are great. It is pure serendipity!!!

I like this project very much and hope that I'll find more films in cameras in the future.

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