01 February, 2017

From Russia with Love! part 2.

I like a lot Russian cameras. I have a FED 4, a Zorki 4 and some Zenits. I even just had a Smena Symbol from Lomo, but I sold it some years ago. The Russian cameras have an own charme.
Some guys from Austria got to know the charme of the LC-A back in the 1990s, too. Later they found the Lomographic Society and then the hype of the Lomos started in the whole world.
In 2003 my sister gave me as a present an Actionsampler. This was my first contact with the world of the Lomographic Society. Of course, I also wanted this little Russian camera from Lomo. But the prices at the Society were and are very high and even the fleamarket prices were and are too high. In 2005 I saw for the first time a LC-A at a fleamarket in Hannover, Germany. It was quite damaged and shabby, but the seller wanted 40 Euro. I didn't buy it.
After many years of waiting and searching, finally I found a wonderful, working and original Lomo LC-A with the manual, the original box and an Orwo NP20 film inside for a really good price.

I carefully removed the Orwo, because I want to use it for the 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project. Later I've loaded the Lomo with a since 11/2006 expired Kodacolor VR+400 and shot some winter impressions.

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