26 March, 2017

just an optical illusion! remix.

Some time ago I wrote, that I'm not a big fan from Minolta. Today I must confess that I changed my opinion about Minolta. In the last time I bought some cameras from them and learned to like them a lot.
But with the X-series I had some problems, because I never found a working camera. First I bought a Minolta XG-M, than two Carena SX-300, which is a labeled Seagull DF-300, which is in fact a Minolta X-300 made in China. All three cameras had the same and often occurring defect, a broken capacitor. After some time I finally found a working Minolta X-300s, which was built by Seagull for Minolta in the 1990s.

Well this post is not only about my search for Minoltas, but rather about a new photomontage. 
This time I mixed pictures from a landscape in Karlsruhe with a picture from my girlfriend, which I shot in Cologne
The landscapes were shot with the Minolta X-300s and the Minolta 3.5-4.8/28-70mm lens (from the Minolta XG-M) on AgfaPhoto Vista+ 200 film. The picture of my girlfriend I shot with the Minolta 7000AF and a Tokina 4-5.6/70-210mm lens on an expired and crossed Kodak Ektachrome 400x.
The photomontage consits of 10 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. The total size is 23x48,5cm.

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