09 June, 2017

The 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project. the outsiders. part 4+5.

Until now I just found color negative films in cameras, but finally I found an East German Orwo NP20 black&white film in my Lomo LC-A. I think the film is more about 27 years old, therefore I shot it @ ISO 25.
I used the Voigtländer VSL 1 (TM) with a Helios 44-2 2/58mm, a Porst Super Weitwinkel 2.8/28mm lens, a A.Schacht Ulm Edixa-Travenar 2.8/85mm and a Vivitar Auto Thyristor 283 flash.
But as in the other outsider parts there aren't double exposures, but really cool pictures with a wonderful and smooth vintage look of the old Orwo film.
You can find here some digital pictures of the session, which I shot with my smartphone.

I've shot the next film after the Voigtländer film. It was a Fuji Superia 200, which I've found in a Ricoh AF-50 from a fleamarket. I've used the film with my Minolta X-300s and the awesome Minolta MC Rokkor-PG 1.4/50mm lens. 
I think the film was very long unused in the camera, because the pictures are very dark, like in the outsiders. part 1. And once more there aren't double exposures on the film.

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