01 September, 2017

The Kodak Days! - The old pictures.

The Retina IIc box and a Retina Ia
Some months ago I bought at the Mimapi in Cologne an original Kodak Retina IIc (Typ 029, 1957–1958) box with many original Kodak filters and the sales receipt of the Retina inside it. The person bought the camera in 1957 for 318 DM. 

But there was also a small plastic can from Schmitt & Schmitt with three 35mm black&white Agfa Isopan F filmstrips inside it. One strip was a negative strip and the other two strips were contact strips. 

I think the negative strip was shot first, because the people were a little bit younger there. They posed in front of the Kölner Dom and the city of Cologne. You can recognize the great differences in comparison to today. The two contact strips are from 1960/61 and 1963, which was recorded on the back of the films. There they already had a little boy. 

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