26 March, 2009

the new xerography!

In the 1970/80s many photo artists like Esta Nesbitt, Judith Christensen, Sonia Landy Sheridan, Peter Astrom, Joan Lyons and Suda House used a copier instead of a camera or in other words as a camera.
Today i use several scanner to create surrealistic photographs.
It is an other way to photograph and the results are different from a normal picture, but this is the reason to make a xerography!

here are two examples:

with a HP PSC 500: "camera in the corner of the picture", germany, 2006

with a HP PSC 1610: "lost", brasil, 2009

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Anonymous said...

You mention my mother, Esta Nesbitt. Her experimentation with manipulating images on Xerox machine opened up the new art form, Xerography. Through a grant from Xerox, she made hundreds and hundreds of images which found their way into other mixed-media works, some of which are now in the Smithsonian Institution.